Can I manualy install the toolchain?

I have a windows7 machine. When I try to upload to the arduino, There is a failure loading the toolchain.

“Could not install tools: FetchError: request to failed, reason: connect ETIMEOUT”.

I went to the location and downloaded the tar file manually. Now I don’t know how to install it.

Can anybody help me?


Hello and welcome!

Do I understand correctly that this error is repeated in the IDE all the time (not a temporary connection problem or server availability)?
I can’t reproduce it even with “modem connection” speed. :frowning:

Maybe you’re using VPN / Proxy?

Manual installing

All toolchains and hardware configurations on Windows machines installed into:

This one (avr downloaded from will be installed into subfolder hardware/avr. Check the full path to contents: C:/Users/%USERNAME%/AppData/Roaming/xod-client-electron/packages/arduino/avr/boards.txt

If you’ll have the same problems with downloading toolchains:
Tools should be installed in tools subfolder (and downloaded from our Google Cloud Storage).
Here is a screenshot from MacOS for clarity, the structure of packages folder is equal on all OS.

I hope I help you.

Thanks, I am currently behind a proxy mandated by my employer. Your instructions on loading the tool chain manually do not completely match the file structure I have on my machine but they will help while I try to load this up on another machine and try to match the file structure pattern.

Thank you so much for your help!

Oh. In this case, I would assume that all network traffic that not going through the proxy is blocked, so you’ll get this error in IDE. But you download it manually without problems, cause your Browser has proxy settings.

I don’t know how to set proxy for all traffic (or specific applications) on Windows. But I think that could fix it up.

Hi, same problem but under Ubuntu 17.04 here…
. The directory structure doesn’t match, so I’m not able to manually install the toolchain, can you please help?

Ok, i’ve managed by myself…first, I had to connect to network via phone, then downgrade XOD to version 0.17.0 (because of some java error messages during upload procedure, maybe my fault), do the upload-to-arduino procedure once, then I re-installed 0.17.1, all went ok! This software is amazing!