Manually installing the toolchain when using a MacBook Pro

I can’t get the toolchain to install on an Elegoo UNO R3 (an Arduino UNO R3 clone). The deployment bar stalls at a quarter of an inch, and the deployment message reads: Port with connected Arduino found, Installing toolchains… Is there a way to manually install the toolchains? I’ve seen responses for Window machines but nothing for the Mac OS.

Hello! Yep, see Can I manualy install the toolchain?

I’ve found the indicated file folders, now what? Should I delete some file and re-install XOD?.

Re-installing XOD will not affect anything. Delete the packages/ directory, hit Deploy → Upload again, and wait for the installation to complete. XOD downloads ~200 Mb behind the scenes and shows no progress bar yet. It can take time, depending on the internet connection speed.