Servo-potentiometer code upload is slow

Hello everyone, when i hit upload for my simple servo-potentiometer project, it reads:
· Transpiling…
· Project was successfully transpiled. Searching for device…
· Port with connected Arduino was found. Installing toolchains…
but then it just stays like that and seems as though it isnt making any progress.
Did i do something wrong? Should I keep waiting?
Any help with this would be great.

Hi hi! When you hit the “Deploy > Upload for Arduino” button a new window will appear. Make sure you have chosen the appropriate Serial port there.

Yep, you should keep waiting. The very first time you upload to a new board architecture (e.g., AVR) XOD downloads a compiler toolchain. It can be up to 200 MB, the size depends on your OS and the architecture. So on a slow Internet, it could take up to few minutes.

We should really make a progress bar for it…


Thank you! But how can I tell which one is the right port (macOS)

I have A macOS and I’m using the Arduino mega 2560. I will try it again in a better location with faster internet. Thank you, I appreciate your support.

Alright so I tried it again, and it has been an hour now and it’s still in the same place. Is this normal for a macOS? Should I still keep on waiting?

It could be that you have a corrupted file downloaded (if you interrupted process on 1st download). I think the *.tgz file gets downloaded to <user>/AppData/Roaming/xod-client-electron/packages/arduino on Windows (maybe under tools sub-folder). If you can find the .tgz file, delete it (& probably restart XOD for good measure) and try again with decent internet connection. If you can’t find the tgz file, uninstall/reinstall of XOD should clear it.

The good news is XOD only needs to do this download the 1st time it tries to download to Arduino after installing XOD

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Ok, thank you! I will uninstall, then reinstall XOD because I think that I may have interrupted the process on the first download (I left for a break and when I came back there was a connection error and the XOD downloading stopped and I had to hit resume). I really Appreciate this information. Thank you!!

hi I’m brand new to all this, and the same thing with “installing toolchains” is happening to me. what did you have to do to make it work?

Jahi Raed