Xod wont upload to arduino mega?

I’ve just installed xod on windows 10 and it seems to have installed correctly, however when I try to upload a sketch it freezes up and wont go any further, please help

There are lots of past discussions on this topic. The 1st time you do an upload, XOD has to stop and download/install the appropriate AVR code. There is no indication in the status that this is happening, so people will often interrupt the process thinking something has gone wrong. Now they are left with a corrupt download or partial install of AVR and XOD does not catch the problem and cannot auto-recover from this state.

The easiest solution is probably just to re-install XOD, make sure you have an internet connection and try uploading a very simple program (like a single led node that turns on the built-in led) and let it run to completion. Future uploads will be much faster once AVR code has been downloaded/installed.

Note that this download/install will happen again the 1st upload after you switch to a different Arduino board.

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thanks for that, i’ll persevere. new to all this micro controller stuff

roughly how long should I leave it to upload the first time?

A time enough to download ~100 MB. It could happen you’re stuck after the first interrupt, so you’ll have to clean the incomplete download manually or install the toolchain by hand. See Can I manualy install the toolchain? for more details.

just download the required file from https://storage.googleapis.com/releases.xod.io/packages/win32-avr-tools.tar.gz
after the download is finish
extract the file in tool subfolder

then its solved