Problem XOD 0.20.2

I’m french and I use google translation to make me understand on the forum so if there are translation problems I’m sorry in advance !

to better explain the problem I put you the video link from the screenshot that I did to explain.


as you can see on the video there are uploading problems do not hesitate to go back or advance on the video.

thank you

Same for me :frowning_face:

I see you have a problem when using digital-input or a node which uses the digital-input inside it (e.g. button). I can’t reproduce, unfortunately. Maybe the problem is caused by some 3rd-party libs? Would you list the list of installed libraries?

Would you check: does a solution from XOD is hanging after actualization solves your problem?

ok i’m looking at this tomorrow i will erase so $WS/lib/xod directory

I’ll keep you informed !

ok it works by clearing the folder “lib

thank you for this precious help now I will be able to advance on my home automation project to automate all the lamps of my house thank you !


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