Problem With Code

There is something wrong with this code.( or me )

Both sections of the code eg the display or the rotary encoder can be uploaded and run on thier own without a problem.
When i combine the 2 pieces of code as shown and upload, the display is fine but the encoder
appears to miss pulses and the output number does not get above about 6. ?
Its like the 2 pieces of code don’t like each other.
You can remove the link between them it makes no difference.
If there on the same patch in the same controller the problems there.
The code has been tried on a UNO and a Nano with exactly the same results.

they dont call me the looser for nothing.

might be a timing issue, try putting a clock or defer node on the TM1637-decex

Connect a pulse-on-change node from map(out) to UPD.

Thanks gentlemen for the quick reply.

Cesars suggestion worked a treat i will always be indebted.

There is 2 things that i cant get my head around

1__ How do you link patches so that all patches are uploaded to the controller together as one.
2__ How do you know how much memory is available in the controller, Arduino.IDE tells you on an upload.?

These are probably very basic questions but i am new to Arduino and XOD (2 months )


XOD only includes a single patch for download, the one that is active when you perform the upload. You can have a single patch that includes other patches. Generally there is some relation to multiple patches on the main patch, but if the patches you want to include don’t need any input, you can just drop them on the main patch that you are uploading.

After uploading, there is all kinds of information available at the bottom of the screen, but unless there are errors, it defaults to being hidden. Click the up-arrow in the lower-right corner to expand. To see how large the compiled code is, select the compiler tab.



Thanks gweimer It all now makes sense,

as i mentioned previously i am new to XOD/Arduino and i haven’t anybody to bounce ideas off so the forum and google are my brains trust.

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