Problem of sequence with patch

Hello i’m new in XOD , tmy project is a simple sequence of operation of pumps and valves to switch from one tank to the other.
So I made few patch for each event , linked them through pulse in/out. It worked but some of the patch goes on even if there are at the thirth part of the sequence. Seem that there is a pulse signal that trig randomly.

as exemple , the RGB glow at beginning, also water1 went on

Thanks for your help

I don’t see any obvious problem here, except you can try adding a defer node after boot. This gives Arduino time to stabilize & finish initialization before starting your program. If that doesn’t help, we would need to see the code within your nodes.

Hi G,

I tried the option you proposed and it does not seem to be the solution. Please indication how to proceed to send you the details of my patches.


You can either attach a xodball of your project, or if they are not complex (i.e. large) patches, you can include pictures of them.

Hi G,

The case is resolved; I does not configured correctly the output of some patches. So it seem to work correctly for now….until next issue.

Thanks you for your time,

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