Trouble with deploy

Hi , I am very new to XOD . I have been trying to deploy a patch to my arduino uno ( an introductory exercise to blink the pin 13 led in an sos.) i keep getting a message Loops detected
use xod /core/defer node, to break cycle.
I have included the defer pulse node already with no success. I have reinstalled Xod and still cannot deploy for the same reason. Any ideas anyone?

Hard to help without knowing how you have done your coding. A screenshot of your code might be sufficient; a xodball of your code would provide all the details and allow others to duplicate your exact conditions.!AtCRzVU9cZahc-D2iLXcekCXDcI

Thank you for the response gweimer, the link above is a screenshot of another attempt to deploy a loop. I hope I am just making a basic error somewhere,

Hello! It’s definitely a serious bug. Issued it on GitHub. Will fix it ASAP. I think, we have to release 0.20.2. Thanks for reporting.

Fix is released, please update to v0.20.2

thanks for the response, great effort

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