XOD IDE Freezing when deploying or seeing code for Arduino

I am new at Arduino and XOD but i came with an idea of how to make a seven segment display node, i made like the traffic light but with ten states, that’s not the point, i finish my coding and i tried to deploy to my Arduino Uno, but when i hit the deploy button the software freezed, and after that i tried several times to upload my code getting the same results, please help

aim have a similar problemn with freezing old wersion XOD dont have this problem now its almost unusable

:open_mouth: Critical. Can you share the xodball so that we can reproduce?

ok but how share xodball ?

Just hit “File → Save Copy as” and save the project with the .xodball extension. Then drag-n-drop it here, onto the forum post.

zegar v5.xodball (32.9 KB)

Thank you. Confirm, slow as the hell. We are going to find the root cause as soon as possible and build one more hotfix release.

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sorry for being late here is my xodball or maybe my code is wrong?7-seg Display.xodball (45.8 KB)

@eriol no, your issue seems to be related to Important note when upgrading to 0.20.x from older versions. Please, confirm.

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