Slow Deploy and stopped

Hi everyone
This is my first post, a big greeting to this community.

I’m also new to XOD, I’m learning.

Please can you help me because in some exercises I am doing, the deployment is very slow and in other programs XOD IDE definitely hangs up without finishing the deployment.
Use version 0.32.1 on Mac
The card is Arduino Uno

Thank you!

The speed will depend on the resources, in my case an pc with 8gb ram and discrete processor sometimes hangs, depending on the patch and the watch.

thanks for your answer…
I tell you that I have a MacBook Pro (13-inch, 2017, Four Thunderbolt 3 Ports), Intel Core i5 3.1 GHz processor with 8 GB RAM 2133 MHz LPDDR3. Is this mac insufficient?

How can I see that about the patches and the watch

thanks !! :slight_smile:

I think it should work fine with i5, in my case the ideal would be 16gb

Can you please tell us more in detail. In what cases the IDE hangs up without completing? What is the board you use? How does the patch look?

Hi @gabbapeople, thanks for your help.

Attached image of the case that hangs.

When this same design, the last 2 “Rotate Slow” and 2 “Rotate” remain, the deploy works without problem. Slow but it does.

Do you mean as shown doesn’t work, but removing last 2 rotate-slow & rotate allows it to work?

Is button press supposed to interrupt current process & restart everything? Because the way you have it wired, the MUX will be locked, so the new cycle is not going to be able to start. I’m assuming a request to lock a MUX will fail if there is already a lock; if it will queue the request and make it when the lock is released, your program is going to be very unpredictable (you will have multiple lock requests queued up & they will be granted at random).

If you want to interrupt the current cycle when button is pressed, then button-PRS should link to mutex-break-DO to break the current cycle so a new one can be started. Since you never use the 2nd mutex on the right, there is no reason for it to be there.

None of this helps you with your hangs during download, though. If it works with a smaller program, but breaks when you add more nodes, I would assume it is a resource issue. If it were an Arduino resource issue, the compiler should catch that and give an error, but there are probably some instances it can’t catch (like a loop causing a stack over-flow, but that would cause a run-time problem, not an upload problem). Sorry I’m not providing much help with this part of your problem…

Hello @gweimer Again I appreciate your comments. :smiley:

Indeed, when I delete the last nodes, the deployment works smoothly. Although very slow (2-3 minutes).

The reset button of the arduino board is currently working to interrupt the process. It is a desirable function and for now it works well.

Regarding the Mutex node, I will implement the improvement you have suggested.

Thank you very much for your help!