Really Slow or nothing happens

Hi, after creating a simple program that turns on 22 Leds with a delay, turning 2 off an after this all off, all triggered by one push button, I tried to connect my last patch to shut all off, but now after click on upload nothin happens.

The Task Manager shows me, that some process is working XOD at 15% but after a half hour nothing happens. I tried it many times but it never completes compiling and uploading.

I don’t know where are the problems, I deleted a “defer” after I found a topic with same problems a year ago, but it doesn’t help.

Does anyone have the same problems?

Maybe if you post the patch someone may be able to try and recreate the issue and advise what the problem may be

Of course no problem, hope it’s uploaded on the right way.

Maybe I’m thinking wrong in my way of programming.

If anyone has a better solution or much more easier I’m very happy of solutions :sweat_smile:

SL_Test2.xodball (118.4 KB)