Pin write problem

Any patch that did work now doesn’t work. Even a simple pot, led patch. When using the “watch” node on the “pot” node it scrolls from .01 to .90 the led stays off. Using the watch node everything gives the expected results except the out pin. I have deployed to 2 megas, 2 unos, and 1 nano. All the same results. Now the puzzling thing is, I use the arduino IDE and painfully write these programs everything works as expected without any wiring change.One odd thing, using pin 13 and on board led with xod I cannot turn it off or on, how ever now matter what state I try to set it to it is always on until I connect an led to pin 13 then it is always off. Ideas??

I loaded XOD onto my other computer and everything works fine, seems I have a system issue with that one . Hmmm, a new puzzle to solve. BTW did I mention I love XOD.

I may suppose that you have a broken xod/core library.
Check out __lib__ directory in your workspace, if you see xod/core inside — delete it or rename. And try again. Also you can try to create new workspace (switch workspace and select new empty folder).
Tell us if it helps.

Many Thanks for the reply brusher
I hate to say, that didn’t help. What I did do was back up my patches and totally uninstall xod. I mean totally. Then reinstall 0.26.1, I had quite a disagreement with AVG over installation, but I won and got that version installed. Still my Asus laptop had the final say. So I will keep it short with out the colourful language. I reinstalled 0.25.3. Now it works great.