Hello everyone, help with tutorial

Day two with xod, and i would like to go through the tutorial projects and recreate them in real world.
I am very new to arduino and coding etc.My question is this, with hello tutorial I’m trying to use a button node to enable the clock with no success. can someone point me in the right direction.

Hi, try this a button to pin D4 with each pulse toggles on-off


cesars, works on simulater, but not on serial monitor. I tried all baud rates…nothing?

I followed along on a couple youtue videos and things working fine…Thought this was going to be easy.

It is easy, but you have to spend time, if you do not know how it works, nothing will be easy.

The serial handling is different, leave it for later, read the forum topics use the search, I learned 50% with the forum.

But the amount of posts read by me is very high, I could almost say that I read it all, and when I started there were already thousands of messages.

Start with the basics, when you master it advance a little more in difficulty.

There are several points to keep in mind, knowing the hardware, knowing the software, etc … step by step

Serial monitor does not work as in IDE Arduino, if you want to see in console use coonsole-log node or you will also see the watch. But if you want to see something in the arduino IDE serial you should disconnect from XOD, but have enabled debugging. I hardly ever use it.

Thanks for the advice,will spend lots of time reading.Walk-Run-Fly…got ahead of myself.

Try to learn the whole tutorial, the developers have spent time on it, and for starters it’s best with the tutorial. :wink:

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