How do i stop the program

ok I have no clue how to progam with xod . I went through the tutorial’s but cant find what I want to accomplish
I want to use a button Make an Led BLINK 3 times then shut off till the button is pressed again.
again I am a newbie . I can do the flip flop . as well as the sine wave .

Thank You

Two ways to do it but there are more, the first allows you to select the time of each pulse. You can use tweak-pulse to simulate the button.

Thank you
But. All that ? Just to make an LED blink three times shut off and wait for another button press. WOW

I can program a node for it in C ++ but I think this way you can see how it works, and maybe improve it yourself.

As I said before there are many possibilities.

I do have arduino IDE. Was just trying to see how much easier XOD IDE is. Seems alitte more complex. Plus. There isn’t that many YouTube videos on how to use XOD
Thank you


Thanks Cesars, nice examples.

Jjnagy. In my opinion xod is far easier than using the arduino ide.

Good for you :+1:, I did not remember the flip-n-time is that I have hardly used it that node

Ok. How do you use the False , sine wave , False . and hook it to the LED patch in XOD. I am totally clueless . I know. New people and their confusion. Lol

Thank You

The top false is a tweak-pulse to simulate a button. The bottom false node is a watch node to simulate the LED. The flip-n-times replaces all the other nodes to flash the LED there times.

Using the simulator allows you to test code without having to deal with wiring things up correctly, but the simulator cannot do actual hardware like buttons, LEDs, LCD displays, relays, etc, so tweak-* nodes and watch nodes are used to replace them in the simulator.

He should use a tweak-pulse to simulate the button, there you are using a tweak-boolean that would be like a button with retention.

Sweet. Thank you all very much. The tweak pulse. Plus the flip n times worked.
Thank you again. You are awesome

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