A bunch of xod questions

Hi all,

I’ve been playing around with this nice program and have a lot of fun doing this, but at the moment I’m kind of stuck trying to send some variables from an app that I made in Mit App Inventor and saving them to or reading them from the eeprom memory.

I was wondering if anyone already made a node to save something and/or read something from eeprom memory.
Or can someone explain what to type in the not implemented in xod node.
I tried to do this myself by looking at some other nodes and copy paste something together but I get a bunch of error messages.
I’m kind of new to arduinos and programing but I think if I got an example I could make some other nodes like update.eeprom etc.
I found the eeprom library somewhere in the folders of xod (not in the Arduino libraries folder)
I don’t know if I have to copy it also to the Arduino libraries folder.

I also have some other questions:

How do I use the ‘if-available’ uart node ?
Does it wait till something is available, or do I have to loop back the ‘no’ output with a defer node to check again if something came in over serial?

Is there a way to type something in xod to send to the Arduino over serial when I use debug after upload. I can’t use the serial monitor in the Arduino ide (com port is busy )

Is using the delay node just as bad practice as using delay in Arduino code? (Do I have to avoid it if possible)?

Is there already support for the cheap Chinese clones like the pro Mini or the Pro Micro?

Can I use “Arduino as ISP” to upload my projects to a board that hasn’t got a USB port?

I’m hoping someone can help with some of these questions.


The ‘watch’ node does this, but it only allows you to display a string in the XOD debugger (connect a watch node to an output pin to see its value in the debugger during runtime).

Delay node uses interrupt timer, so you do not need to avoid using it.

Not positive, but I believe XOD uses same compilers as Arduino IDE, so it should work with XOD if it works with Arduino IDE; you just need to select the compatible processor.

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Thanx for your reaction.
So if I understand correctly, the only way to type to the arduino over serial monitor is to not check ‘debug after upload’ and use external serial monitor?

I don’t think they have a method for sending data to Arduino yet, it only allows sending data to computer for debug output. There was a discussion a while back about how to allow sending data to Arduino, but it hasn’t been implemented yet as far as I know.

Yes, that is correct.