[I want a node] Node(s) to use Arduino's internal EEPROM


  • EEPROM Clear
  • EEPROM Read
  • EEPROM Write
  • EEPROM Crc
  • EEPROM Get
  • [EEPROM Iteration
  • [EEPROM Put
  • EEPROM Update

A set of nodes (or one node) to use eeprom library that comes standard with arduino IDE


  • the data to be written (number or bytes)
  • the eeprom address to write to or read from
  • a pulse input to read/write the data


  • data that was written to eeprom
  • error
  • done

With these nodes we could save new variables to the arduino internal eeprom so that changed values are kept when the board is turned off (like a tiny hard drive).

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I created this. Couldn’t test it yet though. If it doesn’t work, maybe it will give you an idea of how to improve it. If it does work, I’m glad I could help. I only implemented read, write and update functions though…


Thank you verry much!!!
I didn’t expect a solution that quick after posting. :smile:
I will give it a try right away

Im seeking a node for write a string or an Array of variabile in EEPROM . Im creating an rf 433 receiver/trasmitter for cloning trasmitter of garage and make a trasmitter into my car integrated with dashboard. For make it would receive all variables off rf433 node and store It in eprom for reuse with trasmitter. I love xod but for this work i dont know what Is best approch.

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