EEPROM loop problem

Hi to all, I have a problem with gamer24/ext-eeprom-rw-nodelibrary, all nodes I try to use have same result: loop.
Can anyone help?
Thank you.

All those nodes need a pulse to activate. Did you set that pin to loop? How do you know the nodes are looping? How are you using them? There is not much we can do to help with the little information you provided.

See prntscr, I have try to simulate this way. I hope Im just forget somethink. If yo see any problem on screen pls. let me know, I will by happy to use this node.
I have been trying node by node /eeprom-read1b, eeprom-read2b atc…/ when was arduino conected, also disconected with same result.

Yup. Looks like the library does have loops, so it is not going to work without modification. Any lines running from an output to an input on a node higher in the patch need a ‘defer’ node added. For example, eeprom-read-1byte-address has links from read-byte-DONE>gate-IN and count-OUT>greater-IN2 that need defer nodes added.

You could try creating your own copy of the library to add the defer nodes, but realize if library is old enough to have this problem, there could be other issues that might be harder to fix. If there is another library that works, I suggest just using it.

all ready try but same result, I allready try all I can get, but actualy there was only one eepro node for ext eeprom.
If you have know any other library with, pls let me know.

You also need a defer node between count & greater nodes.

If you still get loop errors, you may need to open each of the nodes on that page & check for additional loops.

Here We go, now We GO :-). Thank You very much.

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