Problem with loops detected


I have started working with Xod and decided to implement some stuffs (will provide .xodball if needed)
I can’t seem to figure out why Xod is complaining about there being loops without defer. Is there any way to find out?

(Also, for some reason new users can’t upload more than one image)

Hi, there is a part that is not seen, you could upload the Xodball or the error log

Wow! I am looking for a way to make 7-segment work. How did you do that?

I see IDX flags for input pins, but none tied to output pin. I assume that happens below what is shown, and you are “looping” back up with that data. When you create a loop in XOD, it doesn’t know how to order all the operations. By putting a “delay” node in the path that loops back around, it provides a break-point for XOD to know how to do scheduling. The easiest option is probably to put a delay node between the output pin and the IDX flag. If other flags cause loops, you will need to do the same with them.

I had my previous account temporarily locked for some reason so I created this new one to reply.

I created a library and published it.
Here it is:

I have restructured my code and in the process found out the error.

STOP (to-bus not visible in the screenshot) was computed from the TICK pulse of count-with-pulse. I was feeding that value directly into count-with-pulse again, which caused the loop. Adding a defer between STOP and count-with-pulse’s RST fixed the problem.

Great! For some reason it is not possible to download a library on either versions of my XOD. Starting to suspect that XOD is not for me(

Why isn’t it possible?

Don`t know, I type in the address, press enter and nothing is happening…

Weird. You should see something like in this image

(So maybe it will work this way)

Great! Is it possible to use it with a display like this one?

try this library cesars/tm1637, for some tests of @jh295 can confirm that it works, I’m working on another, but I need some tests before publishing it and I do not have hardware now

Yes, cesars/tm1637 library worked nicely with an Open Smart Rich UNO R3 multifunction board, and an external 4-digit display - both with TM1637 driver chips.
IMG_2066 I’m in the process of putting together some tutorial material for the use of XOD nodes with the Open Smart board - should be up in the next couple of days. Jim H.

The details will be at

Sorry, folks. I’m closing this thread because the original topic has diverged. Feel free to start a new thread to discuss a particular issue

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