[SOLVED] Broken nodes in common-hardware

Hi all,
Been away from XOD for a while (pursuing other projects) and today decided to fire it up again. Thought there must have been an update by now, so I downloaded the latest version (0.30.1) and installed it (Linux Mint). I was immediately surprised to see lots of broken nodes in common-hardware, especially things like led, button, pot, etc. Have I failed to install a library or something?

hi, some time ago I asked for a faster way to know if they were broken, the team created the feature that makes it easier to find errors.
Some libraries are easily corrected, it can be by elimination of deprecated nodes or removal of pin “error”. Just modify and save an empty main patch, example 111.xodball. The next time you start xod, those libraries will already be corrected. But you can correct some let me know.

if you had an earlier version, delete folder \ xod \ __ lib__\xod… try again


Thanks @cesars, that did it.

:wink: Ian

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