Error; "Library contains error"

Hi all.
First of all, I have to confess that unfortunately I am not really equipped on XOD or in Arduino.
I have just started to my master degree and one of course of mine asks me to install XOD to my laptop.
So, I installed it, however in the “Project Browser” some of the channels have red signs in their left sides.
When I bring my mouse on them, they say “Library contains error” or “Patch contains error”.
I couple of time reinstall the software. However, they keep staying there.

Probably, it has very basic answer. However, since I have no idea about it’s interface, I really do not know what to do with it.

Thank you in advance!

I’m not an expert, but I’ve seen this before. It’s because some of the libraries are out of date, or the library uses other older libraries that have changed. I saw some of these issues in some of the LED libraries that people put out.

First, make sure you have the latest version of XOD.
Next, you gotta re-wire all the nodes yourself. The red dotted lines are signifying there was something linked there. They help show at least the from-to linkage. After making the correct connections, delete all the remaining dotted lines.

This also happens sometimes when just copying and pasting from one XOD instance to another. It’s a bit annoying, but XOD is still really awesome. Thought, there are still many improvements to be made.

If you get really stumped, then the best is to put a screen shot of what you’re seeing, and can also attach the XODBALL file, so people can see it and edit it easily.

Good luck!

First of all thank you!
I am sharing how it seems from my view!

Well, basically when I try to upload my Arduino, XOD says “Dead reference error
Can’t find the Pin “ByU7LRuSPkW” in the patch with path “xod/core/act””
I feel like I will not be able to pass my exam on this thing since I could not even start the interface successfully…

Since this is a built-in node, it should have been updated when you updated XOD. The fact that it wasn’t means you probably have a local copy of the library because you saved a change you made to one of the library nodes. You will need to find your ‘xod_lib_’ folder and remove or rename the xod folder in there. It is probably located in ‘c:\Users<your_login>\xod_lib_\xod’. You will need to restart XOD after getting rid of this folder.

What version are you running? I’m running 0.38.0
Click Help to see…

You could try to uninstall XOD, and reinstall XOD with the new version. Maybe check the folder qweimer mentioned between, and delete it. It does look like you may have old technology, compared to what I’m looking at in the Debug library.

Otherwise, you gotta click inside the node and edit it. You can go to that node in the navigator, right click, and Clone to My Project. Then, edit that version… The error is inside that Receive node.

Hello everyone,
First of all, thank you for all replies. Now I can see the arduino is now able to be uploaded successfully.
Very appreciated for your helps.
However, this time to exercise on it I tried this led node example: LED Node — XOD
And I am adding my XOD IDE+My Circuit to the attachments.
As you can see, they are exactly same as the link. But when I try to upload my Arduino, XOD says it has been uploaded successfully. However, the led light never gets turnt on.

The resistance is 10K.

Thank you once again for your feedbacks!

Couple things to try

  1. Try a 5k Resistor
  2. Make sure you got the LED in the right orientation. The longer electrode is on the digital pin.
  3. Try to light the LED circuit from the 5vdc, instead of the digital pin
  4. Try a different PWM pin, Pin 13, so you can see both your led and the board led

Probably, just going straight to the Pin 13/Board LED, is the easiest way to test your code.
You can also try to load a basic Blink sketch, to make sure your board is working properly, then go back to your code.

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