Red library icons

Hello all!
I’m new here- just learning XOD.
I just need to know why some of the library icons are red and do not work.

It may be a missing node from a library, if it passes the pointer above it will indicate the name of the node and the library.

If it only has an underline in red it is an obsolete node “deprecated”, in the red help it will indicate which should use currently.

Thanks Cesars for responding!
When I hover the mouse over the red icons, it says ‘patch contains errors’. I downloaded and reinstalled the IDE -no change. The main node that I need is the I2c 20x4 LCD, but it happens to be one of the red nodes which causes an error:


Dead reference error Can’t find the Pin “H1fx68wzB” in the patch with path “xod-dev/text-lcd/text-lcd-i2c-20x4”

Are you using the latest version 0.33.0?
what is the patch that gives error?

Yes version 0.33.0
I took a screenshot. This happens even with a new project.

Thanks Cesars

double click on the node, there it will look better what the error is

All nodes using the ‘act’ node have the error. I removed the ‘act’ node and it works correctly.

the error is in folder xod, delete the xod folder inside \user \ xod \ __ lib__\'xod'

what is the path in Windows 10?

I found it- thanks cesar.

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