I think I found a bug!

So I was was using an rtc device for time hooked up with a buffer, a button and a LCD display.
So the buffer node transmits the signal to the LCD BEFORE the buffer even was triggered to change the value. But the strange thing is that the watch node is showing it as intended!
Help And Thanks!

Are LCD and watch node tied to the same output pin? Do you have a pull-up/down resistor connected to the button to prevent false presses? How is UPD configured on LCD?

Yes the lcd and watch node are connected to the same output pin.
I also have set up a watch node for the button presses.
The UPD on the LCD fires when I press the button on the LCD

Please share your code

Ok but I have changed the part so many times because of this so it look different now.
al better.xodball (43.5 KB)

You have two LCD nodes controlling the same screen. Iā€™m guessing you are expecting the lower node to send a specific value and you are confused because the upper node is sending something else. In general, you will only want one LCD node in a program. If you want to change which inputs it is using to display text, you need to feed it from a select or if-else node.

For future reference, if you think you have found a bug, reduce your code to the minimum to repeat the bug. That is WAY too complex for narrowing down a bug in XOD. Reducing the code probably would have led to a single copy of the LCD node that would not have reproduced the problem.


Thank you for your help!