Problems with watch nodes

Anyone else having trouble with watch nodes in XOD 0.26.1? I tried to debug my updates to gweimer/utils and discovered that 2 of the examples work, but the other examples just show “Watch” in the watch nodes when running in debug mode.

utils-example-avg & utils-example-queue show values as expected. The others never update the watch nodes.

One issue with the existing implementation of watch’es is that if your program updates them once on boot the message can be lost because it is sent a few milliseconds before the debugger attaches. Perhaps, that’s the root cause of your problem.

The problem arises on MCUs which don’t reset on a new serial connection (like Leonardo and Micro). It should not happen on Uno or Nano.

Take a look at the Debugger tab. Disable

Yes, it happens to me constantly, to see the values I have to restart from the reset button.

Interesting. I am using an Uno. Never had this problem in the last year, but it is happening consistently now. Did a software change result in XOD taking longer to initialize (or maybe an improvement allows the board to initialize faster…)?

Pressing reset on the board did display values, so at least there is a work-around.

It can be somehow related to updating a dependency JS package (serialport) which was done recently. The proper solution is upgrading the debug protocol to make the board wait for an explicit command from IDE to get started.

Glad to hear, there’s a workaround for now. Never knew about it. Thanks.