ESP WROOM 32 Watch Node Problems

Dear XODer,

i test a new Board the “ESP WROOM 32”.
I make a simple patch with analog read and a watch node.
But i dont get any values on the watch node.

Board: ESP WROOM 32
Sensor: Capacitive Soil Moisture
Used Pin on Board: GPIO36
Analog Node Port: A0

Try resetting the board after download. Something board tries to start debug before XOD is ready.

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Dear gweimer,

i try different things:
Upload settings
only digital read 3.3v/5v
only analog read 3.3v/5v

but nothing run
The Watch node glows only in debug mode without showing values

The same setting is running with different other Arduinos
The ESP WROOM 32 onboard LED blinks permanently

I have no idea what i make wrong?


Hallo Xoders,

now i try it with Arduino IDE and look at the Serial Monitor.
There comes stuff but not analog values.
Is there a problem with my upload options?

Did you try pressing the reset button on the board after download completes?

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but the result is the same.
Board and Serial Monitor resets and the Serial Monitor run the same row is running.

i have the feeling that the board is running in some mode and cannot be brought out of this mode

when i try rst and boot and upload the xod patch follow the same result (red led blinks in high frequency but no values runs in watch node)
Only the same rows in serial monitor scrolls down

When i press RST at first and then Boot the serial Monitor show the following

You are checking debug box when you download, right? That & resetting board after download are the only simple issues I know of for resolving. There could be deeper problem with your setup.

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Dear gweimer,

thank you for your help. I have now ordered a new board and tested it right away.
I think the board was broken. Everything works fine with the new boards.

Danke schön (thank you)

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