Watch node sequence problem

Hello ,

I have a patch for testing PH measure , and some string output that i watched , but only the first to happened seem to show.

I assume sense-ph only updates when Set PH pin is pulsed, so we would need to know what is connected to any node connected to that pin.

Please find bellow the patch regarding sensPH, you will notice some watch node not connected.

As mentionned the problem is that in the main patch some watch node does not activate even if the booleen condition is true.
The watch node unconnected in this patch are for debogging specific patch, and i have disconnected them because of another issue in the sequence in the main patch; there is some node that trig out of the expected sequence, and i was suspecting a connected watch node in a secondary patch to be the origin of a false trig.
I suppose it would preferable to publish the new issue in a separate post ?


Watch nodes don’t display anything because you have if- else nodes outputting undefined values. Both true and false inputs should have some value to output. The if- else node that has nothing defined for true or false is always going to cause problems.

Thanks for your quick answer, i did the correction and it work.
HIs this the same problem for an input not connected EX:" any" node with one input unconnected .
The reason is that i Left unconnected some " any" node to allow quick addition of a boot node for debugging purpose.


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