"Watch" on Arduino Leonardo not work

The xod/debug/watch on Arduino Leonardo does not work.
Video - https://youtu.be/KdH-cxYTPSk

P.S. I wanted to buy for video lessons Iskra Neo.

Did you try resetting the board after upload completes and XOD is in debug mode? The board will often try to initialize debug before XOD is ready

If you do not press reset, the sketch will not load into Arduino Leonardo.

gweimer refers to a later reset, it happens to me with Arduino UNO, if not I do reset, the watch remain in “wait”

Can’t reproduce it on the Iskra Neo (Arduino Leonardo).

Possibly, the board changes it’s COM-port after resetting and XOD can’t connect to it. But there should be an error in this case :thinking:

Can you try to connect it using another USB port or some USB hub?

The board is connected directly to the USB.
First shows COM10. When loading, the load of the pausing starts up and the LED L slowly flashes. I press the RESET and COM23 appears and the firmware is already going through it. Next, the board returns to COM10.
Perhaps this is the error of the Chinese clone associated with the elements on the board. In general, Chinese clones should be laid aside. )