Need help with Oled display

I’m new to Xod and I’m not sure if i’m doing something wrong. So this is what is happening. I used the Xod Text node to first display ‘hello’, then I tried linking a number type and the screen would just remain blank. If I turned Xod off and then on again then it would display the number type but then it wouldn’t display string data types. It only works with the data type it accepted the first time. If I restart Xod it accepts both datatypes the first time but then only works with the datatype it accepted the first time. I also tried deleting the node and re entering it but that doesn’t seem to help.

Hi, @dancingrightnow!
What display and XOD library do you use?

I’m using the Xod graphics library. And i’m using this display

Can you pls attach the xodball file with the patch.

I’m sorry I am not able to attach the program file. Its not letting me upload it.

I hope this helps

The program is supposed to looks at how full the tank is and outputs a percentage fill level on the screen.

Please let me know if you nee any other details. And thank you for taking your time out to try and help me

You realize changing the program while in debug mode doesn’t change what is running on Arduino, right? You have to end the debug and re-compile/upload to run any code changes.

It is not very clear what you mean by “turning off XOD”. XOD is a program running on your computer. You can turn off or reset your Arduino board. In my case, debug never works after uploading a new program. I have to reset the Arduino board after upload completes to get debug output showing in XOD.

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I’m pretty sure it’s the low RAM memory =( It’s a known issue. Now SSD1306 display require lots of RAM working with XOD graphics.

If you try to upload the patch to Mega or esp with more RAM everything should work.

Thank you so much that helps a lot. Is there any way I can run it on the uno maybe a different library?

Upload without debugging activated and then do a reset on the board.

Just tried it. It didn’t seem to work. But thanks a lot for taking the time to reply.

ok, add the following to your patch, that will make it not take another read until it completes writing to the display.
With that it should free up ram and work



I’m using the same display with the library of wayland and it works quite well. Take care of sck and sda and wiring of those, in the past I get display with wrong label on it!

Didn’t work, But thanks for taking the time.

This is what I did

I did double check the scl and sda pins they are wired correctly. I did some more experimenting and it seems like it only doesn’t work if I try and connect a different node to the s pin. If I type anything in directly into the S pin it seems to work.

Also I’m really new to xod so I found the wayland library a little hard to understand, so I went for the xod graphics library, but I will try the wayland library. And thank you for taking the time to respond

Try this:

hc-sr04-range-meter-oled.xodball (6.7 KB)

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Thank you so so much that worked!!!

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