XOD is hanging after actualization

XOD hangs after the update I can not move the project

What version did you update to? Where does it hang? What happens before it hangs? How are you trying to “move the project”? Does it work if you re-install your previous version?

Please give more details, i actually dont experienced anything weird but maybe we can make this go directly to the creatprs of XOD
I think theres a bug logo so you can report failures in the IDE but i never tried to use it by myself

Ok its solved im use in my project old nodes they make problems, now is work perfectly. End this topic :slight_smile:

Things resolve, good. However, crashing on old projects is not intended. IIRC @gweimer had the same problem. Would you share the xodballs with which the latest XOD IDE hangs/crashes? That can help to see a bigger issue.

One of our devs succeed in reproducing the problem. It was because auto-forking the standard library on edit. So, effectively you are using the new 0.20.2 with the old standard library from 0.19.0 which contains forward-incompatible changes. To solve the problem, delete $WS/__lib__/xod directory, where $WS is your workspace (likely $HOME/xod).