No updates since 04-18?

I am not asking for the team to release a new version of XOD.
Maybe there will be a big update in XOD 0.30 and they are working very hard? Who knows?
I am just worried. Maybe they just took a little break.
Does anyone know?

You can follow the development process on GitHub:


XOD is fine. But there’s indeed a slowdown. This is particularly related to summer holidays, other work tasks, and most of all somewhat wrong direction to implement a big upcoming feature for 0.30.0.

Devs realized that the design suggested initially plays wrong in practice and had to step back and ruin some portion of work already done. Fortunatelly, a better solution was found and it will be released very soon.

Stay tuned :wink:


Oh! Thank you very much! I was scared for a bit :stuck_out_tongue: