XOD 0.37.0: Small Features and Big Underlying Update


Hey nkrkv
I have a question. I am running Ubuntu (ver 20.04) and have not had any notifications of updates when opening up XOD (ver0.32.1)for quite awhile. I am having a lot of fun with this version as is, so the question is. Am I missing out on anything from XOD version 0.37.0?
I have recommended XOD to quite a few arduino tinkerers that I come across when struggling with coding on the arduino IDE, I just say check out the XOD ide it is awesome.


That’s how software works on Linux: explicit updates only (and I actually like it). So, the auto-update subsystem is disabled under Linux. The versions after 0.32.0 include quite many improvements, see the changelog: xod/CHANGELOG.md at master · xodio/xod · GitHub Hold on a little bit though, it seems like something is broken in 0.37.0, we are looking further to deliver a fix ASAP.

UPD: v0.37.1 with the fix is released.

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