Uploading error, work lost!

After several loads and creating matrix sequences, XOD does not finish loading, it is not canceled by the error.

Everything stops, I can not save anything (I made the mistake of not saving the work), XOD never recovered.
Maybe the code is too long ā€¦

I would like a function of auto saved, XOD begins the work but the file is a temporary, where I find it? Would not it be better to save before starting work?

ps: only found temp hex, ino, elf, but nothing of the patch

Iā€™m afraid the xodball was not saved. It is kept in RAM until File ā†’ Save All is hit.

How did exactly that happen? Have you used Ctrl+R, was it hang while uploading?

It happened to me again, it does not find the port and it hangs up, delete the folder __packages__, after downloading the packages again it has not happened again.

Now I take the precaution of creating the file and go saving

Ouch. Am I understand correctly, it hangs up to the extent that Ctrl+S does nothing?

Do not use R control, try to save but even though the menu worked, do not save the patch.

The https://github.com/xodio/xod/issues/1730 issue should prevent this from happening.

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Something maybe related, debug with several watch is difficult to stop.
I do not know if someone happens to him.