Project lost twice

Hi, my project disappeared after restarting XOD. This is the second time that it happens, the project was saved regularly, now is no where to be found, not even through Finder… just wanished.
Any guess what the issue is?

I have never had this happen to me in the years I have been using XOD. The only suggestion I can make is to note the WorkSpace folder when you start XOD & make sure it is the same folder next time. Also verify that it is not some temporary folder that the OS is wiping out.

It’s bizarre, sounds like granpa using the computer! The first time the folder disappeared, I decided to convince myself that I actually hadn’t saved it (in like 20 hours of devolpment), or that somehow it was in a different location from the other projects… Second time no chance, saved it even more often. Xod hang during a debug (maybe too many debug watch) and then the magic of the disappearing folder again!
I’m actually pubblishing the library at most changes now so that I can retrieve a copy if it happens again… Don’t know, I guess I’ll post an update if it happens again

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