Libraries Missing


After updating to 0.18 and downloading some libraries yesterday they are still present in the _ lib _ folder but disappear in the XOD IDE menu today.

Is this a bug or did I something wrong? :confused:


Sounds like a bug. @brusher_ru, would you take a look?


I had same issue. Only libraries that are used by the project show up. If you explicitly add the library again, it will show up until you close & re-open the project.

Does app now go to internet to check for newer versions of library each time you load a project? If so, that will be an issue for people using this without internet access (like the class Iā€™m teaching).


Thanks, guys.
This is indeed a bug. New release with hotfix is coming very soon.


We released version 0.18.1 with the fix.
Please check it out and mark the topic as solved if everything is ok :slight_smile:


Looks good to me.

Should we start separate topics for each issue we run into?



Yes, please.


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