Project hangs when run

I built a project that didn’t seem very complex. But, it did odd things while running.

I rebuilt it, piece by piece, running it each time. It worked fine till one point.

How do you want me to report it? I have the xod project, my libraries, generated arduino code, and console-log with XOD_DEBUG turned on.

It’s the last “timestamp” (on the select) that breaks it.

You could zip your whole workspace and share the archive. I can try to reproduce the problem.

project: play1, patch updown-debug/
xod 0.13.0 and 0.14.0 have problems.


  • open the updown-debug patch
  • upload only that patch (deploy upload)
  • with xod 0.14.0 the arduino will send a random selection of the log messages. Under 0.13.0, the arduino will send nothing, apparently locked up. Under 0.13.0, enabling XOD_DEBUG gives some trace output then stops.
  • Removing the deepest “timestamp” node lets it run under 0.13.0.
  • Created several test projects, e.g. “log-debug”, under 0.14.0 to test whether it is console-logging, but things ran fine. “ts-debug” does hang, after adding enough “timestamp” nodes.
  • I suspect string catenation.

Thanks for the scenario, @awgrover. Yeah, seems like the string implementation has bugs. More specifically the implementation of Chunk ring buffer.

We’re going to simplify the lists, make them more straightforward and heap-free.

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