Sending data to the Arduino IDE console under normal operation

So I’m trying to get numerical data sent to the Arduino IDE serial monitor while my program is running to keep a running log of a few variable values for debugging purposes. Unfortunately I can’t seem to get any output; if I uncomment “XOD_DEBUG” and “XOD_DEBUG_ENABLE_TRACE” in the generated code, setting my terminal to 115200 baud, I see the transactions being executed appropriately so I know the patch and serial link is working OK. Here’s how I have my patch set up, which seems to be incorrect (Enable input into the clock is set to “TRUE”):

I’d like to be able to just get a string output to the serial monitor once per second for testing and that’s what I’m going for here, but no luck. If anyone could post a working example of a patch that does this I’d appreciate it, thanks!

Board is an Arduino Uno variant (Sparkfun Redboard.)


console-log is a debug facility. It acts only if you check “Debug after upload” checkbox in the upload dialog. So enable it and you will see your values in a serial monitor.

BTW, you can use xod/core/watch instead of (or along with) the console-log to monitor the values right within XOD IDE.

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