XOD 0.21.0 Released: Byte, Port, and Custom Types


Hi there,

Using the following component produced the error detailed below. This component worked in XOD version 0.20.3 :-
Component:- text-lcd-16x2
Drives a text LCD screen with HD44780 chip

UNEXPECTED_ERROR {“message”:“Can’t find the patch in the project with specified path: “xod/core/constant-port””}
The error has no formatter, which is a bug. Report the issue to XOD developers.


It’s most likely because you have an outdated copy of xod/core library lying around in your workspace. Do you have __lib__/xod folder there? Just delete it and all should be fine.

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Thank you,

Found it hanging out here …. $HOME\xod_lib_\xod\core
Renamed it $HOMEC\xod_lib_\xod\core_old (will delete it)
Works fine now.

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