Undo / Redo shortcuts

Perhaps anyone can confirm this issue:

It is not possible to use undo / redo using the shortcuts on the keyboard. In the menu they will work.

Cut, copy and paste is working well in the menu and with keyboard shortcuts.

“Select all” in the menu selects the message in the debug-window also when I click in the worksheet before. The keyboard hotkey selects the text message when clicking in the debug-window and the project when clicking in the worksheet.

Yeah, it seems that a bunch of bugs make undo/redo not very responsive:

  • The focus (in HTML sense) should be on the patch board to make them work
  • The keyboard layout has to be English on some PC configurations
  • The undo command sometimes undoes “invisible” things like pin values re-binding and looks like a no-op. We should animate the change somehow

If you can report some simple, precise, and reproducible scenarios as bugs on GitHub that would be very nice!