Error copy paste, by buses?

Hello, problem with copy paste, I think it happens when the node is with bus.
The demultiplex node had BUS using “Convert Selected Link to Buses”. Delete the buses and copied without error.

The copy was in the same project and another project. Open after being saved previously.

Oh, looks like a bug, thanks for the report.

The image tells me that pin identifiers of demultiplex has changed although the should stay immutable forever… Unless you’ve re-created all terminals inside the demultiplex patch node (output-bool’s and input-number).

Do you have a step-by-step scenario to reproduce it (create that, click this, swith that, save all, exit, open it, etc)? I am not able to repeat the problem.

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hello, I thought it was for the buses, but then it was the same as if it were for node selec. Now I made a very basic C ++ node to replace that patch.

the problem must be in some old or modified node, because it also happened to some libraries