Select ALL, Copy then paste not working

If I use ctl/a to select all the items they appear to be selected.
However if I then copy the selected items using ctl/c and paste them into a new node using ctl/v nothing appears!
NB copy and paste works fine normally, it is only when using Select All, Copy, Paste that fails.


Thank you for the report. Can’t reproduce the problem though. Can you provide some details?

  • Operating System?
  • IDE flavor: browser or desktop?
  • IDE version?

Does the problem appears if you select multiple nodes with hold-and-drag? Does keyboard layout affects the behavior somehow?

My 2015 iMac does the same thing. I usually have to open a new project and past into that.

:thinking: sounds like a window focus issue. And does something change if you “update the focus” with mouse cursor after pressing a keystroke? I mean, click on the patch board to give it the focus.

We can’t reproduce the problem on our machines (Linux and macOS)

I’m using Windows 10 64 bit v1903 (Home & Professional)
IDE desktop
IDE version 0.30.1

NB It is only when I use ctl/a or select all, copy then paste into an empty node

it happens to me in w10, sometimes I have to repeat ctrl+c twice … if not paste the previous copy

I have encountered the same issue but have some more info.
The problem occurs if you try to copy and paste more than 262144 characters.
That number seems very suspicious as it’s right on a binary boundary so I suspect it is related to something like a fixed size copy buffer.
I have confirmed that I can copy/paste larger amounts from other apps and the browser IDE works fine too so I’m fairly sure its a problem with the XOD desktop app.

Debian 11 xfce
Desktop IDE 0.38.0