Feature request: Please add SHIFT + Click for multiselect nodes

Now multiselect work only by CMD + Click. But very often SHIFT + Click used for multiselect. Please add this hotkey for more comfortable

hi , use Ctrl + A for multiselect

CMD/CTRL + A selects all node. Actually I need to select several nodes.

click left, select with mouse and ctrl + c … ctrl + v

or ctrl + select with click left 1,2,3,4, etc …ctrl+c …ctrl+v


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I am southpaw and usually I use left hand for mouse (trackpad on macbook) and I don’t use CTRL often therefore I ask add SHIFT + Click. I use SHIFT always in other apps for this usecase.

Macbooks keyboard haven’t CTRL in right side.

I also use the trackpad, now I understand … if you are left-handed and that keyboard, it is complicated to use the shortcuts

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