SELECT node error: can't deduce types for patch

I hope someone can help me diagnose this problem. I have a motor patch (that works!) with three numeric inputs (pins). One for motor run duration, one for left side speed and one for right side speed.

I need to feed different values to those three inputs depending upon whether I want to go forward, back, right, or left. Input pins can only accept a single wire, so I am using a SELECT node to set the values that are sent to the three pins. Here is the patch:

I call that my direction patch. I set default values for each of the “X” inputs on the SELECT node. I attempted to use my direction patch in this “move” patch:

However, I receive an error when attempting to compile it.

Can’t deduce types for patch Connect links or bind values to generic inputs

The only generic inputs are on the SELECT node. So, I went back and put input-number inputs on each of the “X” inputs of the SELECT node (they appear in the image above as IN1, IN2, etc). I still get the same error after adding the input-number inputs which should enable XOD to deduce their types, namely number.

I don’t know what is causing this error and would appreciate some insight.

Are there any more details in error message? One of the patches you are using might be including other nodes that have generic input.

No, that is the entire message. I just noticed that I get that same error when I try to compile the “direction” patch (the first image with the select nodes) by itself. So it apparently has nothing to do with my “move” patch (the second image above).

Odd. This compiles without problem for me:

Which version of XOD are you running? I’m on 0.29.1

I’m on 0.29.1 on MacOS v10.14.5.

I tried making a custom SELECT patch by replacing the generic inputs and outputs with “known” inputs and outputs. I got the same error. :thinking: – odd, considering there were no generic inputs at all.

I’ve decided to simply uninstall and reinstall XOD and rebuild the direction patch from scratch. That appears to have worked.

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