Missing number input nodes in "xod/patch-nodes" dropdown

Hi, just starting with XOD. Following Dronebot Workshop tutorial. My dropdown list for xod/patch-nodes only contains 3 items - abstract, deprecated and input-boolean. I don’t have any of the input or output nodes. Anybody know how to correct this? your help would be really appreciated.

Hi again, answered my own question! Closed down XOD and restarted it - now the dropdown list has everything in it. Simple issues like this can really throw you when you’re just learning. Thanks

Hello and welcome!

The behavior you described is quite strange and definitely is a bug. If you see something similar again, please look at the developer console (Ctrl+Shift+I) and if there will be red errors, please, report them here or on GitHub.

See Bug Reporting

Thanks, I’ve only seen it that once but if it recurs I’ll let you know