Ctrl+Z/Ctrl+Shift+Z no works

the shortcuts Ctrl+Z/Ctrl+Shift+Z do not work

Undo & Redo in menu yes!


That might be related to either a focus or keyboard layout issue. Can you try and confirm/reject the following?

  • If you click anywhere on the patch board and press Ctrl+Z/Ctrl+Shift+Z the undo/redo is applied, if click on a sidebar they are ignored
  • If your keyboard layout is Latin the Ctrl+Z/Ctrl+Shift+Z has the effect and if another layout is active (I don’t know what language is your native), the key presses make no effect

Yes, is Latin

Apparently it does not work, the first time … then it starts to work :man_shrugging:
works after 5 or 6 attempts, both ctrl + z and ctrl + shift + z

I did tests in version 0.25.2, from menu (undo / redo is fast) but from ctrl + shift / ctrl + shift + z it works when giving it several times or leaving it precionado,
I open XOD, I think I added a node with “i”, when use ctrl+z have to repeat it 4 times.

But … if I load the node from the project browser, it works fine. Conclusion, from the key combination, count each click in the parch, example double click to search node click to select, etc

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Thanks for the report!
I’ve just reproduced this bug and confirm that undo/redo on Windows really works strangely :thinking:

Created an issue: https://github.com/xodio/xod/issues/1530
Will be fixed in the next release.


XOD 0.25.3 released, solved

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