Possible bug in IDE 0.25.0

I was doing tests, modifying this library, this bug appeared (frozen search node)

edit: help with H does not work

Thank you for reporting!

:open_mouth: Do you have a stable scenario to reproduce the problem? I can’t get the same behavior.

What happens if you double-click the patch board? What happens if you’re typing something in the search field?

Again try to modify the library successfully and the problem did not arise :slightly_smiling_face:

Search and Help did not work, if you could insert nodes, save, etc.

It seems to be a small crash, it appeared when looking at XOD / core / to replace gate-input, first Help did not close, manually close and then I went to (x) and could not close.
If I could not see the search field :man_shrugging:


I found the problem, I went on to detail what happens

1- Search with “I”
2- Display the list, and select a node to see help (xod / 7core / input
3- Without closing look in Toggle Ispector
4- Search field and frozen list.
5- I close in x, but when it reaches the search field, it remains open.

Maybe it’s my mistake to search and go to the inspector, or not and I should block the selection, or close the search field automatically :neutral_face:


when looking for a node in the field it closed :man_facepalming:

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