Simple rotary encoder lib

Hello, folks!

Some people asked for rotary encoder support in XOD. Although there were a few related threads, it looks like there is no final solution that will cover the most basic cases.

So, I’ve published a simple library nkrkv/encoder to read the quadrature encoders (EC11, many hobby wheel encoders). Hope you will find it useful.


Very useful!!
How can I get that library? Or any other library, indeed. I cannot download any library, all links in seems to be a recursive loop and goes nowhere.
Another question: what is the last node, linked to the “count” node’s output?

hi @mpf102 ,


It is xod/core/watch. If you upload with “Debug after upload” the watch nodes become interactive.

Thank you!! @cesars & @nkrkv

Guys, need help. I have problem with encoder and lcd display. Encoder is not working when display has connected. What do you think?

The encoder works by continuously polling the state of its inputs (in software). And if you’re using I2C LCD which is UPD’ated continuously, it takes precious time for redrawing the text again and again.

Try to pulse on UPD of text LCD only when the update is indeed required. You can use the xod/core/pulse-on-change node for this, or get a necessary pulse from an upstream node. That depends on your patch.