Double-click sometimes quits working in XOD

This has happened a couple times over the past several months, but today I can’t get C++ code opened on 2 patches before double-click quits working. I can go to my desktop & double-click to open items, but double-click doesn’t work in XOD. If I exit & restart XOD, it will work a couple times, then quits working again.

Double-click still seems to work in Project Navigation, but not in the workspace.

I can use “i” to insert (search for) nodes. Is there a keyboard short-cut for opening not-implemented-in-xod to edit C++ code when double-click isn’t working?

Definitely a bug. But I’m not able to reproduce it. I remember I saw similar behavior on my colleague PC a couple of times. Close/open helped and the bug did not appear for a long time. If you able to catch a reproducible (on your PC) scenario to break the double-click, that will be super-helpful.

BTW, does the bug appear in the browser-version?

@evgenykochetkov @brusher_ru Did you ever saw something like this? Do we have any facilities to trap mouse events live?

Not yet. Do you think “Enter” is a good idea? Seems intuitive enough, but ambiguous if multiple entities selected.

I could not detect any pattern. Sometimes on restart I could open several items before double-click quit working; other times I couldn’t get the 1st item open without closing XOD and doing something else for a while. Later in the day, double-click started working normally again.

“Enter” to open an item would work. You could even use Ctl-Enter if you want to hide it a little. For multiple entries selected, you could just open them all.

“open” would be a good option to add to the right-click menu for items if that ever gets added.

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