Feature request: Search

Although v0.17 release stated some “quick search suggester” I desperately require in-app search.

Neither XOD Documentation website, nor Project Browser tab are capable of full-text search (including patch descriptions) for a specific keyword.
Currently, I have to use Forum search for trivial things, which are possibly stated somewhere in Documentation.

For me as a newbie (with English not native) it is pain in the ass to find if a specific core patch exists,
like is there a patch that “summs” values and produce “average”, or should I mess with Add+Buffer+Count instead.

P.S. Forum solution for “average”: [Need help on averaging numbers for a project]

P.P.S. Just found out (by accident), that double-click brings up “Search nodes”.
I guess, such hint was somewhere at the begging of the tutorials.
Double-click is pretty convenient, but absolutely not intuitive - some background label is required.


Hello! Thanks for the feedback. The double-click is indeed described in the tutorial. It’s also in Mouse and Keyboard Shortcuts available through the Help menu in IDE. And it is on View → Add Node. Nevertheless, I see it is not always enough. How can we improve the situation?

What would be intuitive for you? :thinking: Maybe, a magnifier-glass icon in the project browser pane?


Tutorial has 28 chapters with things more interesting than how to invoke in-app Search.
Documentation section on the website could have helped me find relevant Patches if only it had own Search form.

I can’t confirm MacOS XOD has “View->Add node” menu item :confused:

It could be as third icon here. It might have an onmouseover hint about “invoking by double-click”
and right-click ability to dock icon to left/right:

Search pane should’t have a separate tab - I still love the way the search results use fullscreen.


Wow, yeah…I have been trying to figure out how to search nodes myself, and finally just gave up as I don’t recall the “double click” thing from the tutorials. It’s convenient, yeah, but like 99.9% other programs/apps out there, there really should be a “magnifying glass button with text field to the left” at the top of the IDE that lets you search.

The down-side of a separate search button is that it provides no indication where the new node should be added to the workspace…

I guess they could add a search button that just told you how to do the search…

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