[idea] Library manager

Again a time consuming idea to implement but in the hope the it might help, here it is :

  • I’d like to have an overview of all the libraries. First quick fix would be to remove pagination on the library page (online) here : https://xod.io/libs so we can ctrl+f on it
  • The xod ui (or website, or embeded website in xod UI) could show a browser with all the available libraries
  • Ideally libraries could have some tags or keywords (defined by xod team, no free tagging please)
  • user could search by keywords (and later filter by tags)
  • show the update date
  • add some rating system?

hth as always. And thank you for the hard work

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Libraries are a complex issue.
Except for those who start in XOD, when you have more knowledge, the libraries are customized.
The main problem is to share a project, the nodes are not included in the patch but are linked to the libraries, and when you change something in name everything stops working.
If a project saved every necessary node, there would not be that problem. :confused: