Upload, download libraries in xod.io

Sorry, I open a new topic about libraries. (Managing libraries)

It would be good if the libraries were in chronological order and not by user.
To know if someone has published something new I have to go one by one 
Now there are 2 pages, but when they are more, it would be better to have the last one published or the last one updated.

Ah, do you mean the list on https://xod.io/libs/ and not in the IDE?

Yeah, it is currently looks like a trash bin now and we have a plan to improve it (which is always moved due to the lack of time :see_no_evil:):

  • Add a column “Last update date” and allow sorting by it
  • Allow xoders to unlist (hide) libraries which were published for testing purposes or obsolete now
  • Introduce some score mechanism and allow sorting by it

The score model is yet to be chosen. It should be something simple yet effective. For example, sliding number of installations for the last 3 months.