Unlist/enlist libraries


XOD devs have improved the Libraries section of xod.io yet more. Now you can unlist (hide) and enlist (show) your libraries. This feature helps to keep the listing cleaner. Hacks, when a new version is published just to say the library is obsolete from now on or to deprecate all nodes inside it, are no longer required:

  • either open your library page and click “Unlist”, or
  • see the full list of your libraries at https://xod.io/settings/libs/ and quickly list/unlist there.

The unlisted libraries are still available for those who have a direct link and if they are transitive dependencies of other libraries. You might wonder whether there’s a way to permanently delete a library. Short answer no, because it hurts more than helps. This is the intended behavior of package managers for many other languages. If a program has some dependencies used to work, it must keep working 1-2-3 years later without a change. So, the potential dependencies should never be destroyed completely.

But what if some secret key leaked with a library? In this case, a simple removal won’t solve the problem anyway. You cannot guarantee that no one made a copy within the time frame the library was public. The proper way to recover is to make the leaked secret invalid: reset the password, withdraw a token, etc.

As a part of the new feature introduction, we’ve unlisted all libraries with the name welcome-to-xod as they are made by xoders who just started learning and were curious what File → Publish Library does. Owners of these libraries may enlist them again to counter our action.


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